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Popuload is a free add-on to Photoshop for Mac.

Created by Graphic Designer Alex Furness in 2008 this project is now unsupported.

Rather than idly waiting for each Photoshop processing task to finish, you can spend that time browsing the latest news feeds with this free application.

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How Popuload Works:
Popuload has been programmed to detect when any Photoshop loading bar appears; it then appends to that loading bar window throughout the duration of the processing time. This allows you to read the latest news feeds while waiting.

  • Read the news while waiting without leaving Photoshop
  • Pops up automatically with every Photoshop loading bar
  • Fresh content every time with RSS feeds

To Add and Modify RSS Feeds:
Click: Popuload > Select Feeds > Edit in the Feed Picker

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To Enable Popuload on your Mac:
Click: Finder > System Preferences > Universal Access > Enable access for assistive devices

Enable Assistive Devices

By checking this box, Popuload is able to pop up each time the Photoshop progress bar loads.

Why Popuload:

Editing image files consumes huge amounts of processing power and memory. If you use Photoshop, you spend valuable time staring at the loading bar throughout the day. Now with Popuload, that time is not spent wasted! You can keep up-to-date with the latest news or feeds of your choice, all while waiting.

  • Add news feeds of your choice
  • Click on news item to read full story online
  • Use as an RSS reader anytime from your desktop

Developing of Popuload:

Popuload is the experimental project of Alex Furness, a graphic designer, marketer and heavy Photoshop user. He continually finds the waiting time in Photoshop typically too short to jump to other applications and multi-task, but long enough that you can find yourself sitting there bored while waiting. So Popuload was created for fellow creative professionals as a free download.


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Popuload is offered as a free download and is unsupported. For questions please contact.

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